Welcome to Duel

Duel Game Calls partners Alex Rutledge, Dean Davis, Dan Perez and Phillip Vanderpool talk about why they switched to Duel Game Calls in our 2014 commercial.


Premium Elk Calls

DUEL's Elk Calls use our patented dual chamber technology to produce the most realistic sound.


All-New Turkey Calls

Come check out our selection of
world-class custom turkey calls.


Duel's patented Dual Chamber Technology

Projects sound through two separate
chambers "oral and nasal cavities" for
a more dynamic and realistic call sound!


Stretchback Grunt Call

Dual Chamber Technology - Flex Tube Adjustability


Most game calls are made overseas and shipped here to sell. At DUEL, we feel strongly that American-made means American-grade; higher quality and made with pride by workers who understand the product and are beneficial to our economy. That’s why we are proud to say that all DUEL Game Calls are Made in America!


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