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Duel Game Calls partners Alex Rutledge, Dean Davis, Dan Perez and Phillip Vanderpool talk about why they switched to Duel Game Calls in our 2014 commercial.


Premium Elk Calls

DUEL's Elk Calls use our patented dual chamber technology to produce the most realistic sound.


All-New Turkey Calls

Come check out our selection of
world-class custom turkey calls.


Duel's patented Dual Chamber Technology

Projects sound through two separate
chambers "oral and nasal cavities" for
a more dynamic and realistic call sound!


Stretchback Grunt Call

Dual Chamber Technology - Flex Tube Adjustability

Waterfowl Calls - FOWL JUSTICE

Waterfowl Calls

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The excitement of whistling wings of waterfowl stirs the imagination when serious hunters take to the water or field for the hunt.
The challenge of calling across open water and fields or coaxing a finishing sequence in timber is expertly mastered with The Fowl Justice line of Acrylic Duck and Goose Calls by DUEL.
Hand polished, hand tuned, hand selected swirl acrylic calls are the hallmark signatures of quality and detail of the Fowl Justice calls by DUEL.
With eight stunning colors to choose from in each call, you will not only find the call that is perfect for your hunt, but also be proud to have on your lanyard.
Choose a Fowl Justice Call by DUEL and rule the flyway!


Turkey Calls

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If there's an animal that required perfect pitch and the utmost accuracy in calling sounds, it's the Wild Turkey. Their hearing is legendary and demands the utmost in calling vocabulary and ranges of sounds.
The good news is they are very vocal, and that is also the chink in their armor that makes them huntable. Blodgett Signature calls by DUEL are designed as a calling instrument more so than merely just another turkey call.
With technology and acoustic engineering at the foremost of our design, the Blodgett Signature Turkey Calls by DUEL will get the response you need on even the oldest, smartest gobblers.
Carry DUEL calls in your vest, and fool 'em every time!


Elk Calls

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No other big game animal is more vocal than elk, which is why the call you use is so critical to the success of your hunt.
This is what makes elk so much fun to hunt. DUEL Elk Calls, with Dual Chamber Technology™, give you an edge that you can’t get with any other elk calls – bugles or cow/calf calls. That edge is realism.
The dual chamber realism advantage is especially important when hunting elk that hear a lot of calls. You’ll be amazed how well DUEL Elk Calls work where no other elk calls get a response!


Deer Calls

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A good grunt call or bleat call can make the difference between coaxing a big buck close enough for a shot or watching an opportunity melt away. DUEL’s Stretchback Grunt Call and Micro Heat Bleat Call both feature Dual Chamber Technology™ for the most realistic and convincing sound available. Enhance your chance of success with DUEL!


Predator Calls

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Few animals are as savvy as a coyote. It takes a lot to fool this highly adaptable, eating machine. Call sound quality is a big deal. DUEL Predator Calls give you unmatched call sound quality. Even the very best, super-premium, handmade calls can’t compare because they do not have Dual Chamber Technology™. So, if you want to convince even the most careful ’yote, blow a DUEL!

Most game calls are made overseas and shipped here to sell. At DUEL, we feel strongly that American-made means American-grade; higher quality and made with pride by workers who understand the product and are beneficial to our economy. That’s why we are proud to say that all DUEL Game Calls are Made in America!


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